Imagine your life... 


Are you hungry for more?

More Fulfilment...

Most people end up defining fulfillment with outward measures of success like 
a great job, enough money, a certain lifestyle.

But you know that it’s not about having more. 

It’s not about what fills your pockets or closets—
it’s about what fills your heart and soul. 

More Balance...

You understand the value of balance and have probably made attempts to achieve it.

You have good intentions to exercise more, take time off, or reconnect with friends—and found that weeks or months passed without any change.

You know that time is precious and that you can't afford to waste any more of it.

More Insight...

You know that life is journey full of opportunities to understand you and your life better.

 You know how easy it is to get drawn into the “results” trap—focusing entirely on the destination and losing sight of the flow of the journey. 

You know that the right companions can help you find the courage and insight to navigate around the rocks and through the dark waters of life with grace.

You need a "Silent Partner" - a coach who specializes in powerful conversations that will help you increase your clarity around these three essential key questions:

What do you really want?

Why does it matter?

How will you get there?

Choose your coaching path...













Grip-Birkman is a well respected behavioural assessment tool used by individuals and organizations to help better understand the unique ways that people function and interact.  Jay can help you get a better "grip" on who you were created to be so that you can find the fit that will enable you to flourish.

What people are saying about Jay's coaching...

"Jay brings a great deal to the team table – offering keen insight, objective perspective, emotional intelligence, and practical application. In a word, Jay provides ‘wisdom’ to individuals and groups in moving from 'here to there'."

Dr. Michael B. Pawelke, President, Briarcrest College & Seminary,

“Jay is a gifted leader with passion and proven effectiveness in developing and releasing young leaders.  He is well-read, insightful, and wise with a winsome manner that sets others at ease, calling forth their best...I have no hesitation in recommending him as a coach.”

Mark Anderson, Founder of More 2 Life, Whole Life Coaching / Pastoral Team Leader, Marineview Chapel, Vancouver / Vancouver Regional Network Co-Ordinator for Vision Ministries Canada /

"Jay is an experienced leader who has been deep in the trenches and knows how to help others in those situations. He's shaped numerous people into diverse expressions of leadership, and has an insightful and encouraging way of bringing out their best."

Chris Wignall, Executive Director - Catalyst Foundation "Dreams become Action"

"Jay believed in my creativity and leadership from a young age.  He saw my potential and empowered me to experiment with my gifts....where I developed and realized my purpose and passions. Without the years of freedom to explore "who am I" that Jay gave I wouldn't be the same man I am today in my faith and in my career. " 

David McsporranBurlington, ON, Bottled Media (Videographer) Exposing your brand - Engaging your target

"Jay's intentional guidance, and remarkable intuition has not only laid the critical foundations of my spiritual growth, but has also influenced and helped shape my personal and professional development. I'm forever grateful."

Reid Lambshead, Oakville, ON, Professional Portrait Photographer, 

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